Responsible business
Social responsibility is an integral part of activities of the shipyard Darłowo M & A. We are popularizing volleyball among children and adolescents, we support the young volleyball players and show them how attractive and pleasant the discipline is, and also how excellent idea it is to discover themselves.

An extremely important issue in our business environment is joining the idea of responsible business with the overall strategy of the company.

Since 2010, Shipyard Darłowo M & A is a strategic partner of Darłowo Volunteer Centre supporting local development and social activity within the framework of "Act Locally".

"Act Locally" is a program implemented since 2000 by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, a program helping to release social energy and build the common good.

In 2010, we helped local associations and informal groups to accomplish many interesting, necessary and valuable projects such as:

- organizing of St. Nicholas integrational fun meeting for children and teenagers from the village Pałówko,

- integration of residents by working together at building shelters in the village Słowino,

- construction of a playground named “A fairy-tale world of Winnie the Pooh”, for children in Zakrzewo.

- conducting brass instruments lessons in elementary schools in Slawno, teaching to play and develop talents of children and adolescents in Brass Orchestra.

- development of entrepreneurial attitudes in children, deepening the knowledge of economy and children’s involvement  in the game "little man in the world of high finances",

- organization of regular integrational meetings and craft workshops for villagers of Lacko, Korlino, Łężek and Królewo,

- realization of the “Happy senior" project by organizing  Nordic Walking classes, gymnastics, self defense and leisure activities for the older generation.

Dreams turned into reality - I edition of the program "Act Locally" has been summarized, during which we received thanks and tears of emotion from grantees which were confirmation for us that it is worth to invest in building active communities.

There is yet another contest before us -  Act Locally 2011. New initiatives for funding, projects for the common good, placing the shipyard Darłowo as socially responsible business.