The "M&W" firm took over the shipyard in Darłowo in 2004, purchasing the assets from the receivers of the enterprise Kuter Stocznia sp. z o.o.. We decided to continue in the same line of business as our predecessors.
A wide range of services are provided in the area of work on vessels not only in the Darłowo shipyard, but also in other states of the European Union.
As a firm, we accept all challenges that offer development. The shipyard facilities are continually modernized. We plan a range of large investments, which will bring back the former significance of the port of Darłowo.
We possess the essential technical infrastructure, specialist machinery and professional cadre, ensuring the versatility and high quality of the services provided.
At Darłowo Shipyard we perform emergency, classified, between voyage and other repairs. We also undertake reconstruction and modernization of vessels. We are applying for the PRS (Polski Rejestr Statków) for all works in repair of cutters. Our greatest potential lies in our employees. Their experience and ever enhanced qualifications are the guarantee of the satisfaction of our clients.
The domain of the firm is conservation (sandblasting and painting). We perform conservation works on new large units and sections in German shipyards: